Mobility needs to change,

  • as customer expectations change and other products & services are in demand as mobility services.
  • since new possibilities such as sustainable transport or the Sharing Economy are seen as a prerequisite of the future.
  • to enable a sustainable approach to our environment.
With the SMART MOBILITY approach, we focus our doing on shaping a sustainable, innovative, and mobility of the future together with our partners. Now that means “smart” for us.

Thereby, we use our long lasting project experience from the automotive sector and combine this know-how with approaches from our expert network, data analytics, and current trends. Together with our cooperation partners, we develop ideas, concepts, products, and services to meet today’s and future mobility requirements. Our offered services can be individually tailored to the customer needs and provide the basis for taking the next step.

We shape the mobility of tomorrow. Together with our partners, together as a community, together with you. Innovative, collaborative, sustainable – Smart.


Start to unfold the possibilities of future mobility now.


Portfolio analyses

Mobility services and their related requirements are dependent on changing customer demands and current trends such as shared mobility, automated driving, and sustainability.

By analyzing all influencing factors, we make it possible to optimize the mobility portfolio in order to better align it with the market needs.

Services – Portfolio analyses

Data Driven Development

Digital data is an integral part of our lives.

The intelligent and responsible use of such data offers various opportunities to directly influence the success of the company and enables decision-makers to reach data-based decisions.

Services – Data Driven Development

Community Next

A smart community requires a smart format.

By connecting industry leaders and pioneers from different sectors, a room for interactive exchanges and joint discussions to explore innovative ways is created.

Services – Community Next



Roman Benedetto

  • Smart Mobility Concepts & Data Analytics
  • Strategy-, Process- and Productdefinition
  • Trend- & Marketanalysis (sic!)

M. +43 676 439 2054 /

Gregor Schuh

Project Manager
  • Datatypes & Development
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Portfolio Analyses & Optimization


M. +43 676 763 5303 /

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