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... a holistic approach to creating a sustainably attractive and competitive working environment.

Bricks, Bytes & Behaviour

Our vision

We assist organisations in creating sustainable work environments that meet the needs of the next generation as well as those of existing employees.

In the context of accelerating social, cultural and economic change, we work together to build resilient and adaptable organisations of tomorrow. 

Our approach

To best support organisations on this journey, we have developed an approach that takes a holistic view of the three core elements that make up a (successful) work environment: Bricks, Bytes and Behaviour. 

Bricks stands for the spatial design and furnishing of offices and workplaces, Bytes for the IT infrastructure and Behaviour for everything that cannot be touched in an organisation but can only be felt on an interpersonal level. We believe that collaboration models, complete digitalisation and demand-driven office spaces are the foundation of a successful future-proof business. 

We never look at Bricks, Bytes and Behaviour in isolation, but rather focus on the interaction of the three Bs. In this way, we develop a coherent overall approach tailored to each organisation and focus on a holistic and integral transformation process. 

Our competences 

Through our expertise in the IT sector and our close collaboration with the Framechangers™, our internal EFS systemic dialogue transformation consultancy, our combined expertise lies in the potential development of Bytes and Behaviour. 



Lucerne University of Applied Sciences: In order to ensure comprehensive expertise in the field of Bricks for our clients, we cooperate with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, an experienced partner that has been conducting research in the field of office design for many years. 

Fair & Equal Pay Assessment: We partner with www.SalaryNegotiations.at, which uses its Fair & Equal Pay Assessment to help companies achieve fair and equal pay in line with their corporate culture. 



Christian Schaupp CEO EFS Consulting

Christian Schaupp