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New radio type approval procedure in Mexico

Mexico passed a new radio type approval procedure. It will enter into force on the 25th February 2021.

Very recently, after a public consultation we described in our previous insight, the Telecommunication and Broadcasting Conformity Assessment Procedure (Procedimiento de Evaluación de la Conformidad en materia de telecomunicaciones y radiodifusión) was published in the Mexican Official Journal of the Federation. It establishes a new type approval procedure for products, equipment, devices and infrastructure for telecommunications or broadcasting that can be connected to a telecommunications network and / or make use of the radio spectrum.

The aim of the law is to unify type approval procedures which were so far described in numerous Mexican standards (such as NOM-008, NOM-208, NOM-221) and Technical Provisions (such as Disposiciónes Técnicas IFT-008, IFT-011) for different categories of radio devices. Moreover, with the new Procedure, the Mexican telecommunications authority IFT intends to make the certification of various products, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices and short-range radio communication devices more flexible.

The Procedure introduces four conformity assessment schemes:

The Compliance Certificates issued by the Certification Bodies prior to the entry into force of the new Procedure will remain in force under the terms in which they were issued and may not be extended. After its entry into force on the 25th February 2021, the Procedure will nullify all previously existing conformity assessments described in multiple NOMs and ITFs.

To find out more about the still complicated Mexican radio type approval system and to understand how all these Normas Oficiales Mexicanas NOM, Disposiciónes Técnicas IFT and Procedimientos de Evaluación de la Conformidad are related, do not hesitate to contact us.

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