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Ukraine proposes draft law on Packaging and Packaging Waste

The legislation aims to establish a framework for sustainable packaging practices and promote the efficient use of resources.

The draft law is based on Directive 2008/98/EC “Waste Framework Directive” and Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste in the European Union.

With the new regulation, the Ukrainian Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources expects to reach alignment with European legislation and packaging standards. The draft law establishes the responsibilities of producers, importers and distributors with respect to packaging waste management for the entire life cycle of packaging, including its collection, sorting, recycling and disposal.

The draft law partly emphasizes the importance of extended producer responsibility (EPR). According to this principle, producers and importers must also contribute financially to the costs of packaging waste disposal.

In addition, the legislation proposes the development of a comprehensive waste management infrastructure. This includes developing collection and recycling systems for packaging waste and promoting public awareness and education programs to encourage responsible consumer behavior. The law also highlights the importance of collaboration between government agencies, industry stakeholders and civil society in implementing effective packaging waste management strategies.

The text of the Regulation can be consulted HERE (in UKR only).

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