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Permanent GB type-approval scheme in force

Manufacturers of road vehicles and non-road mobile machinery are required to transition into a GB type approval scheme which mirrors the current EU scheme.

The new GB type approval scheme supersedes the provisional regulation and sets up a specific GB whole vehicle type approval starting on 1 February 2024.

On 31 December 2022, a new permanent scheme has entered into force which introduces a framework to the type-approval for road vehicles and machinery for Great Britain. The Regulation itself is part of the efforts to propel temporary EU-exit regulations into permanent ones. It brings about various changes, with some of the main points outlined below.

Whole vehicles subject to the new Permanent GB Type Approval Scheme are required to apply for the GB type approval via the Vehicle Certification Agency (‘VCA’) with gradual application dates. New vehicles of the categories M and N require the GB type approval after 1 February 2024 while components for the aftermarket can still make use of the provisional EU-exit scheme until 31 January 2025. Multi-stage vehicles can make use of a grace period until 31 July 2026.

As official approval authority for the UK, the VCA will be the only technical service provider for type approval testing. Non-VCA technical service providers are accepted until 31 December 2026, after which manufacturers are required to appoint a representative based in GB for the type-approval process and undertake type approval testing with the VCA. The GB type-approval process shall be facilitated by a self-serve digital port provided by the VCA which is currently in testing stage.

The EU certificates of conformity will still be accepted until July 2026. Technical requirements in the GB scheme, however, are similar to those applied in the EU on the day of Brexit. Should the EU issue more stringent legislation (as is envisioned with the Euro 7 standards), the respective vehicles will still be accepted for GB approval. UNECE Regulations accepted in the EU (and provisional GB) scheme will continuously be recognized in the permanent scheme.

The text of the legislation can be found here and more information on the Permanent GB Type Approval scheme here.

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