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New Import and Export Decree in Israel

Israel published a new Import and Export Decree which updates Israel’s Import Groups Regime

The Minister of Economy and Industry of Israel signed Israel’s Import and Export Decree (Import Groups), 5721-2021. This Decree updates Israel’s Import Groups Regime and changes the conformity assessment requirements for imported products subject to Israel Mandatory Standards.

There are currently about 500 Mandatory Standards in Israel (excluding food) subject to this regulatory import regime.  These standards are divided into four import groups according to the products’ potential risk:

  • Group 1 – Highest risk level: Requires type approval; Partial tests for each shipment (currently about 240 standards);
  • Group 2 – Intermediate risk level: Requires type approval; Importer’s declaration of conformity for each shipment (currently about 170 standards);
  • Group 3 – Low level of danger: Requires only an importer’s declaration of conformity for each shipment;
  • Group 4 – Goods intended solely for industrial use: Does not require any examination before releasing from customs.


The Import and Export Decree changes the attribution of affected product groups to the risk categories.

To find out more about the Israeli import regime and better understand the regulation in Hebrew, do not hesitate to contact the EFS Product Compliance Team

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