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New Draft Standards for Smart Vehicles

The Chinese State Administration for Market Regulation has issued two new draft regulations cyber security and data storage systems.

The standards shall apply to all new smart and connected vehicles and introduce a number of requirements.

The “Standard on Intelligent and Connected Vehicle – Data Storage System for Automated Driving” will require automated driving systems (ADS) which are of level 3 or above to have certain autopilot data recording systems and data storage systems for automated driving. Trigger conditions for collisions and data recording events are based on standards specifically named in the regulation. For vehicle ethernet communication parameters and data process requirements, the standard refers to ISO standards. Crash tests must be done according to GB standards.

The second standard, “Technical requirements for Vehicle Cybersecurity”, specifies the management system requirements, general and technical requirements of the vehicle cybersecurity security, audit evaluation and testing verification methods.  For potential information security threats, a risk assessment must be done and processed established within the organisation. Any remote (control) systems and vehicle communication shall have special control mechanisms. Test methods are explicitly listed in the annex to the standard.

Both standards are applicable for vehicles of categories M and N which are equipped with the respective technological equipment, with the Standard on Vehicle Cybersecurity additionally applying to category O vehicles. With these new standards, the Chinese authorities want to ensure the protection of human safety and security in connection with intelligent and automated vehicles.

The drafts are currently open for comments and shall enter into force 12 months after adoption. The text of the draft standard on data storage system can be viewed HERE, the one on vehicle cybersecurity HERE (both in Chinese only).

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