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New Chinese National Standard for tyres

The Chinese State Administration for Market Regulation released a new Standard for Passenger car tires. 

This new standard specifies the requirements for car tires as well as their test methods, inspection rules, labeling and implementation rules. 

The standard applies to new passenger car pneumatic tires. According to this standard, manufacturers will have to test their tires for passenger cars in general. Furthermore, they must use the specific test method, found in GB/T 21910, for relative adhesion of car tires on wet roads.  

It is also necessary for the tire specification, load index, measuring rim, load capacity, air pressure and permissible rim to comply with the provisions of GB/T 2978 or the relevant industry technical documents.  

Moreover, it addresses the Safety performance of the tires. To comply with the Standard the tires will have to undergo a resistance test, strength test and in addition to that, two other tires shall be randomly selected, one for high-speed performance test, the other for durability.  

Another important aspect on which the standard focuses is the correlation between the tire load index and the load capacity. To be more precise, the correlation between the tire load capacity index and the load capacity must comply with the provisions of Annex C. 

The text of the standard can be consulted HERE. 

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