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Amendment to the EU Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

The European Parliament and Council Directive 2014/53/EU establishes the regulatory framework for the placing of radio equipment on the market in the European Union.

Directive 2022/2380 amending the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU aims to introduce a uniform charging solution for a wide range of radio equipment.

The amendment aims to ensure the interoperability and safety of wired charging for all categories of radio equipment. It establishes the technical specifications for the charging jack, which must be designed to prevent physical damage and electric shock. The regulation also specifies that the charging socket must be compatible with the charging communication protocol, which is responsible for controlling the charging process and ensuring safety.

In addition, Directive 2022/2380 introduces requirements for the charging communication protocol to support the use of energy-efficient charging methods and minimize electromagnetic interference. The regulation also specifies the minimum level of data exchange between the radio and the charger during charging. This data exchange allows the radio to communicate its charging status, battery level, and other relevant information to the charger, enabling better charging management and energy efficiency.

The amendment of the Radio Equipment Directive is thus is a step towards harmonizing charging requirements for all categories of radio equipment in the EU and supports the development of a sustainable charging infrastructure, which is essential for the widespread deployment of two-way radios in the EU. EU Member States must transpose the amendments into national law by 28 December 2023, with the requirements taking effect in the medium to long term, depending on the category of radio equipment: chargers for radio equipment such as mobile phones, digital cameras, headsets or tablets will take effect on 28 December 2024, whereas a longer deadline of 27 April 2026 has been set for laptops.

See the EU amendment HERE.

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