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Supply Chain Management and the restart of international supply chain activities is currently being discussed on a global scale. The crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic changed long-standing business practices and created the need for new strategies and measures in terms of production, delivery and the management of global supply and value chains.

After the first challenges have been overcome and many restrictions imposed by governments (lockdowns) have been eased, it is now time to focus on the future.

The experiences made during the pandemic have fundamentally changed the behaviour of various market participants. Already new trends in sourcing and risk management are emerging. These developments can be used proactively to ensure the continued existence of companies, to tap into new customers/markets and to prepare for future events.

Based on our long history and experience in Supply Chain Management, especially in the automotive industry, we offer comprehensive support to address challenges and weaknesses in global supply chains.

address challenges

“EFS COMPANY CARE AND RECOVERY PROGRAM” is a collaborative approach for complex industries, allowing companies classified as critical or companies in financial and/or operational distress to ensure their business continuity. The first step is a comprehensive analysis of the company (Quick Check). This analysis is used to derive a recommendation for the next steps based not only on the financial situation of the company, but also the overall condition of the company’s operations. If a reorganization of the company is deemed necessary, a customized reorganization concept (100-day program) is immediately developed and implemented in order to help the company get back on track.

EFS CCR Program – at a glance

address challenges

For tooling allocated scopes, an integrated relocation strategy is evaluated. Based on this strategy, a detailed relocation planning is derived and a relocation roadmap for the operational relocation is developed. Rolling actualization of this roadmap is executed according to intended material Coverage.

address challenges

Depending on the defined date of production stop at the insolvent supplier, the fulfilment of demand is monitored and specifically supported for all involved plants.

Based on the defined Sourcing-/Relocation strategy, a alternative supplier network can be built up incl. scheduling of PPAP and assurance of timely Ramp-up for the alternative suppliers regarding the SOP.

seize opportunities

Complexity management can be used as an approach to improve the market position. This can be achieved by slimming down the product portfolio with state-of-the-art analysis methods and a flexible tool set, allowing a better adjustment to declining sales and interruptions in the supply chain. Furthermore, focusing on the essential part range enables companies to use resources efficiently while supplying the majority of the market. Simultaneously a lean product portfolio guaranties fast operational relocation, purchasing flexibility and attractive offers.

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Setting up a monitoring system along the entire supply chain, allows to better prepare for future events and to increases the reaction speed in case of a crisis. Furthermore, increased transparency along the entire supply chain (detection and forecast of disruptions / consequences) enables companies to derive necessary measures quickly and can serve as the basis for critical decisions.

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Latest technologies can be used to improve predictability. Especially during a crisis this can be used to forecast possible consequences and react accordingly. In addition, resources can be used efficiently, due to the optimization of safety stocks and the improved ability to deliver.

seize opportunities

Hand in hand, instead of head to head, interdisciplinary decision-making in the procurement of tomorrow. A holistic view of supply chains – through a qualitative and quantitative assessment of various scenarios – enables reliable decision-making, for example when managing tenders.

EFS Supply Chain Management expertise

In the webinar “ramp-up phase for suppliers under consideration of the strategy of OEMs / Tier1s” EFS experts in cooperation with the automotive cluster Upper Austria, discussed future requirements of OEMs after the Covid-19 crisis and various measures to fulfil those requirements with around 40 representatives of the automotive supplier industry. Further information about the webinar & a brief outlook on possible strategies for suppliers can be found HERE.

With more than 20 years of experience within the global Supply Chain Management, EFS Consulting is a reliable partner for challenging times. For further information, please contact our Advanced Solutions Team!

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