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Recep Öz von EFS Consulting im Office

Short-term stabilization of the crisis situation and creation of long-term resilient structures and strategies for a robust future setup.

Crisis & Recovery


Bottleneck management

  • Short-cycle coverage analyses for transparent prioritization of critical volumes
  • Installation of central interface functions for proactive control of demand coverage
  • Holistic pipeline and production control to ensure continuous output
  • Initiation of alternative procurement/measures and escalation management

Task force management

  • Strategic scenario & fallback planning
  • Interdisciplinary task force team for short-term development and implementation of solution measures
  • Interim management in project or series functions in the areas of logistics, quality and production
  • Sustainable implementation, stabilization and transfer to regular mode, training and coaching

Business continuity management

  • Qualified execution of business continuity forecasts
  • Turnaround protection through creation and implementation of a reorganization concept, or realignment
  • Accompaniment of insolvency liquidations to ensure production volumes and controlled relocations
  • Assessment and redefinition of crisis & emergency plans

“Strategic & operational crisis management to solve complex challenges & stabilize delivery capability.”


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Recep Öz

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