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Innovation-driven redesign and sustainable optimization of supply chains and business processes.

Supply Chain Solutions


Supply Chain Management

  • Location and transport network analyses
  • Holistic process design and implementation of integrated logistics concepts (JIS/JIT/pearl chain logistics)
  • Layout & material flow planning in the context of complex plant planning (greenfield/brownfield)
  • Transparent inventory management
  • Tender management for service providers and Tier-1 suppliers
  • Relocation management

Sourcing strategy and implementation roadmap:

  • Production site/location
  • Technology oriented relocations
  • Production departments/processes
  • Logistic relocation
  • Cross-functional relocation management at component level using EFS relocation toolset

Start-up management

  • Conceptual and methodological support along the PDP for SOP assurance
  • Supplier development for stable and sustainable integration into the supply chain
  • Planning and operational assurance of product and process ramp-up
  • Stabilization after SOP through training & coaching

“Innovation-driven redesign and sustainable optimization of supply chains and business processes”.


Maximilian Mrstik, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Maximilian Mrstik

Recep Oez, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Recep Öz

Jochen Schreiber, Partner bei EFS Consulting

Jochen Schreiber