Every year between September and December it is Award Time at EFS Consulting.

Together with our Chinese partners and friends of Automotive Business Review (ABR) we celebrate the one and only business 2 business Automotive Award in China – the Xuanyuan Award.

We are proud to say that in its 6 years, we stick to our high reputation of being independent and objective in all our procedures around the award.

It is exciting to experience the awarding of the winners at the Beijing Motor Museum every year in December. Numerous chinese and international experts gather there to discuss and vote for the vehicles with the highest contribution to the automotive industry and mobility in China. There is only one overall winner, but there are various categories nominated by the jury which gives a perfect insight on the maturity but also on trends and strategies of Chinese Car Manufacturers.

Profound Decision Making

Prior to the Jury session in Beijing, a 10 – 15 days assessment is carried out in October each year at one of China’s largest Proving Grounds – NAST in Xiangyang. Besides EFS Consulting, international leading companies such as EDAG, DEWETRON and PATEO are contributing to the assessment categories, in order to provide a solid basis for decision making of the jury when they meet at the Beijing Motor Museum later in December right before the award ceremony.

It all started with vehicles characteristics and over the years increased to a wide portfolio of assessment categories such as Energy Efficiency and Range of EVs, Interior Perception, Human Machine Interface and Voice Control.

All results are intended to ensure transparency on the contribution of either vehicle mobility in China, or the maturity of Chines Car Manufacturers in comparison to international automotive standards.

More information on the Xuanyuan Award winners 2019 here

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