EFS Consulting

Stefanie Fieber-Grandits

Senior Expert

Stefanie FieberSenior Expert

Language Skills

  • German
  • English
  • Austrian sign language
Stefanie FieberSenior Expert


  • Study of Communication Sciences
  • Study of Educational Sciences
  • 3-year training as a counsellor (cf. LSB)
  • Dialogue Circle Facilitator
  • Systemic-dialogical life and social counsellor
  • advanced year body psychotherapy
  • Years of work in psychosocial enterprises
  • Management of various EU education projects
  • Diversity consulting of organizations
  • with EFS Consulting since 2016, co-founder and lead of FRAMECHANGERS™

Where to meet me away from work:

  •  With my children and partner on the path into the forest, exploring nature alone, in further training and networks with wonderful companions along the way.

What moves me:

  • The changes, the needs and beauties of this world and how we as communities react to them. I am moved by the relationships from which I am allowed to learn about myself every day. I am moved by the decisions I make to help build a future in which my children and their children will live.

“With love for people and their systems, patterns and potentials, I dealt with sustainable culture in learning organizations. My holistic, systemic-dialogical view and my solution-oriented interventions enable intensive work with management teams and organizations.”


Culture, Organization & Strategy
Culture, Organization & Strategy