We believe that organizations want to evolve into the best version of themselves.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is a modern way of thinking that has developed out of classic quality management and lean management. It refers to the ability to align companies dynamically with the corporate strategy, permanently and for the long term.

The goal of Operational Excellence is the efficient design of the entire value chain – in order to be competitive and profitable.

We strengthen strengths.

Operational Excellence means: Being really good at something! – This is the key to increasing value.

As part of Operational Excellence, we deal with the strengths of organizations. Together with our customers, we ensure that each (sub-)organizational unit makes a valuable contribution to achieving the corporate objectives. In doing so, we focus on the question of how processes are to be developed and how they can be continuously optimized. With the right methods, we create competitive (production) processes.

We commit organizational units to corporate objectives.

The starting point is always concrete corporate objectives or the goals of the organizational unit. On the basis of these, we analyze the performance of the organizational units with regard to their contribution to the achievement of strategic goals.

We see Operational Excellence as a holistic transformational task for adapting operational processes and strengthening the voice of the customer.

We ensure a holistic approach:

In this regard, we integrate skills, tools/instruments, and methods/processes into the approach and bring them together.

We know the challenge of aligning organizational units.

Operational Excellence aims at the continuous improvement of corporate performance. This requires an appropriate corporate culture and employees with the right attitude – the knowledge “to do the right thing”.

We set ourselves the highest standards – especially with regard to Operational Excellence. We can incorporate our best practice experience from decades of project work and our own organizational development into new projects – our customers benefit from this.

We are convinced that people in organizations and organizations themselves want to work to their strengths and perform to the best of their ability.

Georg Groh


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