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Safety devices for light vehicles

Mexico updates its technical regulation for safety devices in light vehicles.

Mexico recently published the new Draft Mexican Official Standard PROY-NOM-194-SE-2021, Safety devices for new light vehicles-Requirements and specifications.  It will cancel the previous standard NOM-194-SCFI-2015 which was published on May 9, 2016

The draft Technical Regulation establishes the requirements and specifications that the safety devices that are incorporated in new light vehicles must meet, as well as the requirements applicable to new light vehicles, whose gross vehicle weight comprises between 400 kg and 3,857 kg to be marketed within the territory of the United Mexican States.

The Regulation contains a list of safety devices (e.g. headrests, speedometer, seat belt reminder system etc.) with which every vehicle sold in Mexico must be equipped.  Moreover, for new light vehicles and existing light vehicles entering the market, from model year 2023, it will require several additional safety devices, such as Electronic Stability Control or tyre pressure monitoring system.

The Regulation also defines the content of the commercial information that must be provided to consumers with regard to the vehicle’s safety devices.

Importantly for European OEM, for most safety devices required in Mexico, UN ECE regulations are accepted (parallelly with the American FMVSS).

To find out more about the details of the PROY-NOM-194-SE-2021, do not hesitate to contact our EFS Product Compliance Team.


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