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Potential amendments to UNECE Vehicle Regulations

The 185th meeting of the WP.29 is scheduled to take place on November 23-25, 2021. Several amendments to different UNECE Vehicle Regulations will be discussed there.

Among the amendments and supplements on the agenda are proposals by 5 different working parties of the UNECE, the GRBP, GRVA, GRSG, GRE and GRPE.

The proposals include amendments to many UNECE Regulations, among those, the Regulations

  • 37 (Filament light sources),
  • 48 (Installation of lighting and light-signalling devices),
  • 86 (Installation of lighting and light-signalling devices for agricultural vehicles),
  • 128 (LED light sources),
  • 45 (Headlamp cleaners),
  • 149 (Road illumination devices),
  • 150 (Retro-reflective devices)

and many more.

The complete agenda for this upcoming meeting can be accessed here.

All of the proposals and requests to be discussed can be accessed on the website of the UNECE here.

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