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New vehicle labeling requirements?

Ecuador published recently a Draft Instruction for the Implementation of Labeling for Vehicles. 

The purpose of the Instruction is to establish the requirements and procedures for the application of vehicle labeling, which provides information to consumers on aspects related to safety, emissions and energy efficiency, and enables them an informed purchase. 

The fulfilment of the requirements has to be ensured by the vehicle dealer, under the responsibility of the representative of the brand. The Instruction applies to all new M1 and N1 vehicles (as defined in the NTE INEN 2656 standard) which have a valid type approval certificate (Certificado Único de Homologación Vehicular) and which are displayed and offered for sale. 

The content and design of the label are defined in the annex of the Instruction.  The label must be attached to the driver’s door of the vehicles that are on display in the sales rooms and must be kept on a mandatory basis, always visible to the general public. 

To find out about additional and detailed requirements of the draft Instruction, do not hesitate to contact the EFS Product Compliance Team. 

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