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New vehicle emissions regulation in Peru

A new decree was published in Peru which establishes maximum permissible limits of atmospheric emissions for motor vehicles.

The newly published Supreme Decree No. 029-2021-MINAM modifies Supreme Decree No. 010-2017-MINAM, which establishes Maximum Permissible Limits of atmospheric emissions for motor vehicles.

It amends the existing limits and introduced updated ones, based on the European standards.  For example, for light passenger vehicles, the required emissions standard from 2018 till September 2024 will be EURO 4 (based on the EU pieces of legislation 98/69/EC(B) and 2002/80/EC).

Starting from October 2014, EURO 6b will be required (based on the EU regulations (UE) 459/2012 and (UE) 2017/1154).

The decree also contains similar requirements for different types of cargo vehicles.

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