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New standards for the Low Voltage Directive

A new list of harmonized standards for the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU was recently published in the Official Journal of the European Union. 

The list is included in the Commission’s Implementing Decision (EU) 2022/713 of May 10. 2022. This amends the Implementing Decision (EU) 2019/1956 regarding harmonized standards for certain household appliances, etc. Through this new amendment, various changes are made to the existing list. 

The changes to the standards mainly concern products such as:  

Liquid heating appliances, battery chargers, flow-through heaters, storage heaters, toilets, multifunctional shower equipment, ultraviolet and infrared radiation skin irradiation equipment, and other electrical equipment for use within certain voltage limits. 

3 standards were listed for the first time in the EU Official Journal. In addition, direct successor standards were published for 14 existing standards, amendment documents were published for 6 standards, and 14 standards were completely removed. 

Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2022/713 is available at the following link 

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