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New standard for textiles in China

China has recently issued a new national standard for clothing and home textile products.

The national standard GB/T 40270-2021 Textiles – General technical requirements based on consumer experience was notified China’s Announcement No. 7 of the approved national standards list in 2021. It will be effective from December 1, 2021.

The standard is applicable to end-use textile products used by consumers, such as clothing and household textile products.  It contains an assessment index system based on the subjective perceptions of the consumers, such as visual, tactile and olfactory.

The purpose of GB/T 40270-2021 is to encourage enterprises to pay more attention to consumer needs when designing and producing products, to give consumers a good experience and strive to avoid products that bring unpleasant sensations.

For example, textile units should meet the requirements of related product standards as well as the outer indicators and be tested against: fiber shedding, rupture pocket seams, bursting strength of hosiery toe or colorfastness to washing.

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