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New regulation for vehicle gas systems in Mexico

Mexico published a draft regulation for natural gas systems used in vehicles. 

Mexico notified the publication of draft Mexican Official Standard PROY-NOM-234-SCFI-2019, “Vehicle natural gas. Minimum safety requirements for vehicle systems”, which cancels the standard NOM-011-SECRE-2000. 

PROY-NOM-234-SCFI-2019 establishes the minimum safety requirements to be met by installations of natural gas systems for use in vehicles. It also establishes the relevant conformity assessment procedure. 

It is open for comments until 18 December 2020. 

The text of the regulation can be accessed here. 

The better understand the requirements of PROY-NOM-234-SCFI-2019 in Spanish, do not hesitate to contact the EFS Product Compliance Team. 

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