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New radio type approval label in Samoa

A new radio type approval label was announced in Samoa.

The Office of the Regulator in Samoa has released their new labeling requirements for radio devices that have received type approval and certification.

The requirements are contained in the Order of the Regulator No.2021/T02.  The symbol (consisting of the letter SMO and the name of the country Samoa) will be used by manufacturers and importers once a Type Approval Certificate and Type Approval Identification Code is issued.

It should be displayed on packaging, warranty forms, instruction manuals and leaflets, websites and equipment or devices. The Office of the Regulator also recommends displaying the label in an electronic form on devices which have a display.  The label also must have 3mm in height at the minimum.

This order concerns manufacturers and importers intending to sell or supply telecommunications equipment in the Samoan market. This order is effective as of 23 June 2021.

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