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New Mexican standard NOM for commercial information

The draft standard will introduce new requirements for commercial information for packaging, instructions and warranties for electronic, electrical and household appliances.

The National Consultative Committee for Standardization of the Ministry of the Economy has published a Draft Official Mexican Standard PROY-NOM-024-SE-2022. It applies to new, rebuilt, refurbished, used or second-hand electronic, second-generation appliances, electrical and household appliances, discontinued models and appliances that no longer meet specifications, as well as spare parts, accessories and consumables marketed domestically.

There are some exceptions to this Standard, e.g., highly specialized equipment or systems targeted at service infrastructure or electronic products that are not marketed directly to the end user. It is also  pointed out that if multiple branches exist, their addresses and telephone numbers must be indicated on the website, to comply with the warranty policy.

Finally, Annexes A “Labeling and commercial information for refurbished, reconstructed, second-row, out-of-specification, remanufactured, used or second-hand products” are introduced. These refer to the minimum information in the labeling and commercial information, and B “Dimensions of the label”, which specify the dimensions of the labeling corresponding to the surface of the container or product.

The entry into force of the standard is still to be defined.

The text of the standard can be consulted HERE.

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