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New Draft Standard for Product Conformity

The Botswana Bureau of Standards has revised its procedures for inspection, testing and certification of products that are either imported or locally manufactured.

The Regulation shall supersede the previous SIIR Scheme and be binding on a number of consumer and industrial products.

The Draft Standards (Compulsory Standards) Regulations, 2023, was created with a view on public health and safety, as well as consumer and environmental protection, while also specifically basing the regulation on international guidelines and principles. It supersedes the Standards (Import Inspection) Regulations 2008, also known as “SIIR Scheme”, which has been the main regulation laying down the requirements and standards for product conformity in Botswana.

In scope of the Draft Regulation are all products specifically listed in the Annex of the Draft Regulation. These are fire safety equipment, food and agricultural products like grains, electrical products of a wide range of industries like home appliances and electric toys, specific chemical products like plastic bags, and tyres and safety glass.

Regulated products must be tested according to the respective Botswana or IEC/ISO standards, as stipulated in the Draft Regulation. Upon positive testing, a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) must be issued, and a potential mark affixed to the products by the Botswana Bureau of Standards. Products bearing the Standards Mark are not required to apply for a CoC.

The draft is currently open for comments and shall enter into force 3 months after adoption. The text of the draft regulation can be viewed HERE.

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