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Long trucks admissible on all roads?

Haulage companies still request far-reaching action from politics in order to realise their full potential   

The haulage companies surveyed by the professional journal “trans aktuell” demand a liberalisation of existing restrictions on the positive network as well as an increase of the total weight limit. In particular, the lengthy approval procedures and the lack of transparency in route clearances are proving to be problematic for haulage companies in practice.  

The haulage companies and vehicle manufacturers surveyed by the professional journal “trans aktuell” see the greatest need for action in the approval processes, which often take several years. These would have to be handled much more quickly and efficiently in order to enable the companies concerned to plan ahead. These processes should also be made more transparent.   

The business representatives from the interviewed group request a trendsetting and future-oriented decision from politics, as the current situation is no longer sustainable.  

However, the statement of a spokeswoman of the Federal Ministry of Transport suggests that no changes are planned in the near future. “The decision as to whether a route is suitable for long trucks is the responsibility of the Autobahn GmbH of the federal government in the case of motorways and otherwise of the federal states on their own responsibility,” she informs.  First, the route requests of interested companies are checked for suitability, after which a notification is sent to the federal government. The positive list and the route network are updated within the framework of an update ordinance. The 11th update ordinance is currently being worked on and is already in the final phase.  

According to further statements by the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport, road safety is a major reason for the hesitant attitude of politicians. In addition, the ministry points out the need for further tests to determine whether the transport facilities in the existing road network or the current positive list can be used by long trucks without restrictions.  

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