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Increasing the total weight of trucks to 44 tons?

The German government is considering to increase the weight limit for trucks as a measure to contribute to climate protection. 

Through their request, 28 industry and trade associations appeal to the German government to take a more ambitious approach to climate protection and to increase the weight limit for trucks. Compared to the associations’ first appeal, this time the number of supporters has increased by a third. Unlike a year and a half ago, a number of significant associations has joined in to support the proposition to increase the weight limit for trucks on the road. 

So far, the German government has been reluctant to raise the limits on overall truck weights – not least because of ailing roads and bridges. There have also been concerns that combined transport could suffer as a result. However, a rethink is likely to have taken place in the German Federal Ministry of Transport, as most recently an increase in the overall weight to 44 tons was no longer so far-fetched for the German government.  

In October 2020, the Federal Ministry of Transport commented on this issue in a statement to a trade journal and did not fail to mention the Masterplan Inland water navigation: “It is proposed to examine an extension of the 44-ton regulation to the road transport of certain bulk goods to or from inland ports in order to better integrate inland shipping into the multimodal transport chain.”  

A rethink on the subject can also be observed at EU level. Already now, 13 member states allow extra weights of up to 44 tons. The EU Commission is currently examining whether such a regulation can also be enacted across the EU. It is also examining whether long trucks of up to 25 meters should also be allowed to travel across borders, as it is already possible in 13 member states. In addition, the feasibility of further measures is being examined, all of which are aimed at reducing emissions. The EU Commission is specifically requesting statements from the public. 

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