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Gradual Implementation of Anti-Waste and Circular Economy Law

The comprehensive law, published in 2020, has brought  a series of further enactments of requirements for producers and distributors that gradually come into force.

The ambitious French framework introduces a strict set-up for the prevention, reduction and recycling of multiple product sectors.

The regulation lays the cornerstone for the “fight against waste and the circular economy”, as France has officially termed its framework. The aim is to feature a low consumption of non-renewable resources, the reuse of waste as a resource, products to have a longer useful life, the recycling of 100% of plastics, and less wastefulness in general. This is to be achieved by policy measures like waste reduction targets and phasing out of single-use plastics, banning the destruction of unsold goods and an extended producer responsibility (EPR) scheme.

Based on the 2020 framework, multiple regulations have detailed the EPR obligations for any manufacturer, importer and distributor of products in scope of this scheme. Products falling under the EPR scheme include all kinds of packaging, batteries and accumulators, tires and vehicles, paper, clothing, toys. As such, the French law widens its scope to make the framework also applicable to everyday household products like chewing gum, diapers or menstrual protection.

The latest developments in 2023 include the launching of the national “anti-food waste” label for products, a communication to potentially include a new product category (medical technical aids) and an upgrade of the repairability index to a durability index which includes new criteria starting on 01.01.2024. Also, further releases on specific dates for coming into force of the obligations for waste sorting information on products and specific information on implementation of consumer information requirements are anticipated in the next weeks.

More information on the framework can be found here.

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