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France adapts governmental bonuses for green cars

The current eligibility criteria for the environmental bonus for the acquisition of a new passenger car shall be amended.

With the amendment the French government wants to include data like CO2 emissions for the admissibility of bonus payments.

The French Ministry of Economy and Finance and Ministry of Energy Transition have proposed amendments to its decrees on the eligibility of vehicles for the environmental bonus for new electric passenger cars. With the amendments, the calculation for whether a bonus may be paid shall also include CO2 emissions related to the life cycle stages of a car.

These regulations are accompanied by a draft decree on the methodology for calculating the environmental score which outlines the formula for calculating each of the components of the score, the information and supporting documents to be submitted by the car manufacturer and the minimum environmental score value to be achieved for eligibility for the environmental bonus for new passenger cars.

The proposed amendment to the eligibility for the environmental bonus can be retrieved here.

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