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ECHA processes proposal to restrict PFAS

Recently, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) published a proposal it received to restrict the use of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) on EU level.

In January 2023, five EU member states (GER, NED, SWE, NOR, DEN) submitted a proposal to the European Chemicals Agency (EACH) to generally restrict the use of PFAS.

PFAS‘s are a group of man-made chemicals used in a variety of industrial and consumer applications due to their unique properties, such as water and oil repellence and heat resistance. However, these substances are known to not degrade in the environment and can accumulate in living organisms, including humans, resulting in adverse health effects.

The proposed restriction applies to the manufacturing, use, and marketing of products containing PFAS. This includes, among others, textiles, cosmetics like skin care and perfumes, electronic components, lubricants and food contact materials. The goal is to reduce risks to human health and the environment by limiting exposure to these substances. The proposal contains a list of 21 substances covered by the restriction. For each substance, a concentration limit of 100 ng/g or a total concentration limit of 1000 ng/g for all substances together applies.

ECHA will review the proposal and make a scientific assessment. This evaluation is to be prepared and forwarded to the European Commission within 12 months. Therefore, it is not foreseen that the restrictions will enter into force before 2025.

See the proposed ban on PFAS’s HERE.

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