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Chile announces modifications to vehicle regulations

Two of the main Chilean vehicle regulations will be modified to strengthen the road safety

The regulations that Chile intends to modify are Supreme Decree No. 26, of 2000, which “Establishes safety elements applicable to motorized vehicles” and (ii) Resolution No. 48, of 2000, which “Establishes rules on safety elements of light passenger and commercial vehicles ”

The objectives of the modifications are, among others, the following:

  1. Permanent strengthening of road safety:

Through the standardization of safety elements for light passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles and medium vehicles, incorporating new optional requirements (such as ISA, AEB, LKA or BSD) and extending the list of mandatory elements for light commercial vehicles and medium vehicles.

  1. Strengthening of the information provided to consumers:

Through the establishment of safety labeling with qualifications from the New Vehicle Evaluation Program for Latin America and the Caribbean, known as the “Latin NCAP Program”. The foregoing aims to develop a simple and educational vehicle safety performance labeling so that the consumer is adequately informed, under a principle of continuous improvement that seeks to achieve permanent progress in the vehicle safety standards of the manufacturers.  Additionally, in this way, universal access to vehicle safety information is consolidated, correcting information asymmetries between vendors and consumers, allowing to expose permanent improvements in vehicle safety.

If you would like to find out more about the announced modifications of the Chilean laws, please do not hesitate to contact our EFS Product Compliance Team.

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