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Certification for energy consuming products

A new draft Department Administrative Order has been published in the Philippines. It imposes a certification for certain energy consuming products.

The draft for the new “Technical regulation concerning the mandatory product certification of energy consuming products” was recently made available for public consultation. Comments will be accepted by the Bureau of Philippine Standards until the 9 November 2021.

The goal is to ensure that energy consuming products to be imported, manufactured, distributed, or sold in the Philippines meet the prescribed safety and performance requirements.

The affected product groups mentioned in the draft are:

– Refrigerators

– Room Air Conditioners

– Television Sets

– Fluorescent Lamps

– Pre-Heat / Magnetic Ballast

– Electronic Ballast

– Self-Ballasted LED Lamps

The products will have to meet the Filipino PNS standards (based on the international IEC standards).  To prove their compliance, one of the two conformity assessment procedures must be carried out:

– Philippine Standard (PS) Safety and/or Quality Certification Mark Licensing Scheme or

– Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) Certification Mark Scheme

Moreover, the Technical Regulation lays down detailed marking requirements including the PS Safety Mark with License Number (if PS certified) or ICC Sticker (if ICC certified).

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