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Planning of sourcing activities – process wise, content wise, time wise.

Awarding Management

Awarding Planning and Management

Awarding Management is about to set up a cross functional process supported by content and timeplanning tools to provide purchasing with all information required.

To Set Up Awarding Planning EFS Consulting proposes 4 step approach:

Awarding Management Process

  • Agree on structured process to provide all required information to purchasing for awarding activities. 

Awarding Management Toolset

  • Set up a toolset for consolidated planning of sourcing timelines and Request for Quote (RfQ)-relevant information for the parts to be sourced. 

Sourcing Strategies and Timeline

  • Identify strategic options for development and series supplier awarding and agree on a standardized timeline for RfQ, Awarding and Implementation. 

Reports and Tracking

  • Set up a reporting and tracking function to get a transparent view if all sourcing activities follow the given timeline and will achieve the expected effects.


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