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We act as an incubator for selected start-ups and initiatives to turn ideas into viable business models.


While others talk about I4.0 – we make it fly.

D-ARIA is a joint venture of EFS Consulting and IVISO. D-ARIA sees itself as a “Grown-Up” with the capabilities from IVISO and EFS Consulting to develop and operate a technical solution for mobile data acquisition on the shopfloor. IVISO delivers computer vision and machine learning and provides the engineering part of the D-ARIA solution. EFS Consulting has many years of consulting experience and expertise in the automotive and warehouse logistics sectors.

I4.0 Solutions. Delivered.

“Our vision is to integrate drones as a tool into operational processes. We are convinced: the drone is an operational tool and serves Artificial Intelligence as a platform to bring the potential benefits of digitalization to companies,” says Maximilian Mrstik, Co-Founder & CEO.

D-ARIA – the mobile data acquisition solution – is currently offered as a service.

More information on D-ARIA online www.d-aria.at