Clear role descriptions enable a more efficient and target-oriented cooperation

Why do we have to introduce new roles, everyone knows what to do!

Konrad J. felt that the implementation of the “new work” method would not lead to the desired outcome. 

Although we defined the roles together with the team in workshops and documentated them transparently, he initially had a negative attitude. He was satisfied with the original form of cooperation and was also skeptical about whether the new model would work or not. The roles are clearly defined according to tasks and accountabilities so that they can be carried out efficiently and in a manner serving the shared purposeThe roles were then assigned based on the best possible fit of skills and with the agreement of the entire team. Afterwards – according to the principle of “safe enough to try” – the roles were executed by the circle membersalways knowing to bring up proposals for amendments in the next circle meeting. This approach, an open and transparent communication in our workshops, where everyone has the chance to express their doubts, as well as the cooperative way of working together, could even convince Konrad 

–Eliminate doubts with the next small steps! 

Roles and Circles

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