An overarching shared purpose as a common point of orientation and key to personal identification with the organization. 


We are stronger together!

This is the principle of successful cooperation in organizations.  

How can all members of a department align their daily actions with the common goal to exploit the full potential of the organization? 

This question came up in the department of Julia K. She had the impression that the sense of working as a unit focusing on shared objectives got lost, not just for single teams but across the whole department. In a creative and interactive workshop, we elaborated the shared purpose of the department. In doing so, we took care of an appropriate and “safe space” atmosphere. This allows participants to engage with the topic completely freely and openly and facilitates to participate actively in a creative setting. 

The roles of the employees were subsequently sharpened in line with the overall purpose of the organizationIn a whole-day workshop consisting of World Café formats, detailed Q&A and break-out sessions, the contents and activities of the roles were discussed and defined. This ensured that a common level of comprehension was created. Each role is now aligned with the common goal, identifies itself with the shared purpose and contributes to the development of the organization in a meaningful way. 

-With a shared purpose towards success 

BAsics of Self-Organization

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