New Work: successfully mastering tomorrow’s challenges with self-organized structures. 

Matthias P. got to know us through a self-organized network of experts in the field of digitization strategies in IT. As head of the department he is constantly faced with new challenges in a fast-moving VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambivalent). He was looking for a new organizational form that would allow him to operate in a flexible and target-oriented manner. He realized that the hierarchical structure of his department was too ponderous to meet the diverse demands of his customers and the market.

With the positive experiences from the self-organized network, he wanted us to find a suitable organizational model for his department to face these challenges. Together we were able to develop an agile structure that on the one hand fits to his employees and the culture of the company and on the other hand is able to meet the demands of today’s world. The solution was model based on principles of sociocracy and holacracy. This collaboration model consists of self-organized teams that interact in roles and circles relying on the competencies and strengths of the employees and the required work. Transparency, efficient meetings,and decisions on eye level are also important components of this cooperation model.

After an initial process of change, which at first also raised questions, the self-organized teams are now acting agile and are autonomous and efficient within their roles. Matthias says about himself that he was rewarded by his courage – he is relieved as a leader and has more time to concentrate on essential tasks and his role as a lead link.

— A WIN-WIN for all


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