A harmony between business & IT as a competitive factor

According to the origin of the word, harmony describes the unification of the opposite into a whole.

After many centuries of language development, it contemporarily means agreement, synchronization, or concord. But what does this have to do with digitalization?

We understand digitization as the creation of harmony between business and IT. Both areas are inseparably interwoven and form the central DNA strang of digitization along the corporate architecture levels – the BIT DNA.

Achieving BIT harmony is the goal and which for us means shaping business and IT together with our clients. Processes/ capabilities and applications fit together. Information and data are available at the right time, in the right place and in the right quality. The underlying technology is implemented. The structures promote progress. The employees are on the road with us.

We understand the challenges and shape digitization

Organizations are being asked to rethink IT and business. Companies therefore want and should

We look at digitization in its entirety along the enterprise Architecture.

Services and Expertise

EFS Consulting is very familiar with classic strategy topics as well as tools and has many years of project experience in this area. We deal intensively with the special characteristics of strategic considerations and questions in the context of the digitalization of business and IT. IT has long since ceased to be a support area and instead plays a central role in corporate strategy. In this context, a digitization strategy comprises future alignment of business and IT along with the enterprise architecture levels.

  • Together with our customers, we develop a future-proof target landscape and take a holistic view of business and IT.
  • We analyze business processes for their future viability and optimize them accordingly.

EFS Consulting is constantly expanding its technical and methodological know-how, combining established frameworks with our own best practice approaches. This enables us to react flexibly to new project conditions and adapt our methods accordingly.

  • We define business skills for the professional structuring of the company.
  • We model the objects of the enterprise architecture and develop a transparent information base for strategic decisions.
  • We fully support the implementation of digitization projects based on the digitization strategy.

EFS Consulting brings professional, methodological and (inter-) cultural competence and has extensive project experience to ensure effective and efficient implementation of rollout projects.

  • We fully plan and individualize worldwide rollout projects of systems, including all technical, functional, and organizational facets, and carry them out successfully.

When designing governance (structural and process organization), EFS Consulting ensures a high degree of flexibility and a targeted focus on the business and IT architecture. It is important to have a transparent overview of responsibility, activities, and decision-making channels as well as the ability to react quickly to these decisions. We understand how to combine agility, enterprise architecture management and classic operating systems.

  • We design the future organizational structure (agile, self-organized, architecture boards, …) and help to build it operationally.
  • We develop the roles for areas of responsibility and decision-making (structural and process organization with individualized committee landscape).
  • We use evaluated tools as “single point of truth”.

EFS Consulting has recognized that in the context of digitization, efficient and effective data and information management has long been a critical success factor. We regard data handling as a central component in all projects, record the data and information flows, define central data reference points and anchor these sustainably in company processes.

  • We set up an efficient information exchange according to professional and technical goals and specifications.
  • We improve communication and cooperation between the business units.
  • We ensure that the relevant information is available at the right time and in the right quality.
  • We understand the different information processes, types, and objects, can model them, relate them to data as well as applications and optimize them accordingly.

EFS Consulting takes a holistic approach to change – for people and for organizations. We want to identify existing patterns, break unhelpful tendencies, and strengthen existing potential. In doing so, we involve all relevant stakeholders in the change process right from the start.

  • We initiate and accompany the cultural and structural change.
  • We intensify the trustful cooperation between and within business units and IT by introducing external impulses and organizational changes.


For many years, EFS Consulting has been supporting companies in the implementation of digitization projects. Our success is based on our approach of viewing business areas and IT in a comprehensive and interdependent manner and on the continuous development of our know-how.

We use methods that have been developed and proven over many years and anchor them in the client’s mind long term. We form a common understanding regarding digitalized cooperation, its effects as well as advantages and establish our approaches in the form of workshops, coaching sessions, and other methods. We transfer our expertise to create transparency and a holistic perspective, thus laying the foundation for strategic and operational decision-making. A harmony between business & IT as a competitive factor.



Robert Zlabinger

Engagement Manager
  • Worldwide Rollout
  • Digitale Factory and Transformation
  • Re-Shape Business & IT

M. +43 676 439 2021
rozlabinger@efs.at / www.efs.consulting

Liliana Simon

Engagement Manager
  • Selbstorganisation, New Work
  • DevOps
  • Enterprise Architecture Management

M. +43 676 439 2072
lsimon@efs.at / www.efs.consulting

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