Product Compliance & Automotive Regulatory

We identify and keep track of worldwide regulatory changes with the focus on areas such as:

product compliance, product safety, vehicle type approval and homologation, import restrictions, international trade law, radio certification, material compliance, chemistry, environmental regulations, electric vehicles, cybersecurity and autonomous driving.

Below you will find an excerpt of the world News on regulations from these areas.
Please contact us for a comprehensive overview of the topic or specific countries.

Amendment of Safety Regulation

The Japanese Ministry of Land (MLIT) has recently proposed amendment of the “Public Notice that Prescribes Details of Safety Regulations for Road Transport Vehicles”.

The newly altered version of this Regulation mainly focuses on vehicles with a gross vehicle weight that exceeds 3.5 tons, excluding those with a seating capacity of less than 10 passengers which are being used exclusively for passenger use, of Pure Electric Vehicles (PEV), Off-vehicle charging hybrid electric vehicle (OVC-HEV), and Fuel cell hybrid vehicle (FCV).


Japan to require the installation of OBFCM in vehicles

Japan has announced recently that it will require the installation of OBFCM (On-board Fuel and/or Energy Consumption Monitoring Device) in vehicles.

According to the Outline of draft legislation for OBFCM, vehicles in Japan shall record/provide lifetime and instantaneous value of fuel consumption and state of health of battery (following the EU Regulation (EU)2017/1151).  For electric and hybrid vehicles, electric consumption will have to be monitored.


New Japanese cybersecurity regulations for vehicles

Japan is also getting ready for legal challenges of cybersecurity in vehicles

The Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) has issued a draft legislation for software updates for motor vehicles in use. The draft describes the conditions under which an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or an importer can distribute software updates which affect a vehicle type.


ABS in Japan

Introduction of mandatory Automatic Braking Systems in all new cars

Due to a recent rise in accidents caused by elderly drivers, Japan’s Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism have announced that all new cars and light trucks sold in Japan require to be equipped with automatic braking systems from 2021. New cars and light trucks need to comply with the new regulations from November 2021, new imported models must comply from June 2024 and existing ones must comply from June 2026.


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