Product Compliance & Automotive Regulatory

We identify and keep track of worldwide regulatory changes with the focus on areas such as:

product compliance, product safety, vehicle type approval and homologation, import restrictions, international trade law, radio certification, material compliance, chemistry, environmental regulations, electric vehicles, cybersecurity and autonomous driving.

Below you will find an excerpt of the world News on regulations from these areas.
Please contact us for a comprehensive overview of the topic or specific countries.

New INMETRO Ordinance for vehicle safety glass

INMETRO published a new regulation for safety glass for vehicles in Brazil

The Brazilian INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology Standardization and Industrial Quality) has published a new Ordinance for vehicle safety glass. It consolidates the currently existing Technical Quality Regulations and Conformity Assessment Requirements for Automotive Safety Glasses.


ANATEL changes Radio Type Approval requirements

Brazils Telecommunication Authority ANATEL published Act No. 7280 which replaces Act No. 2222 from 2020. It will come into force on the 1st of June 2021.

Several changes were made in the new act, such as testing modalities, testing requirements and certification renewal deadlines. The new rules stipulated in the act apply to certificates issued through type testing with periodic evaluation under Act No. 2222, other product’s certificates stay valid until changes in the product itself are made.


New INMETRO Ordinance for tyres in Brazil

A new INMETRO Ordinance has been published amending the existing Brazilian regulations on tyre certification

The Brazilian National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality (INMETRO) has recently released the Ordinance 329 of 21 October 2020 which amends the existing Ordinance 165 of 30 May – Technical Regulation of New Tires Quality for Passenger Cars.


Public consultation on vehicle conformity assessment

Brazil is carrying out a public consultation on an amendment to the Conformity Assessment Requirements for Light Passenger and Commercial Vehicles

The Brazilian authority INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology) has announced its intention to amend the Ordinance No. 377, 29 September 2011 setting out the Conformity Assessment Requirements for Light Passenger and Commercial Vehicles and called for comments.


Changes to the INMETRO certification for toys

The INMETRO Ordinance nº 563, of December 29, 2016, which approves the Technical Regulation and Conformity Assessment Requirements for Toys was recently amended

The amendments to the Ordinance nº 563 are introduced by the INMETRO Ordinance nº 217 of June 18, 2020. National manufacturers and importers must comply with the amended Ordinance starting from January 1, 2022.


Details of the new ANATEL radio type approval published

Operational procedures of the new radio type approval procedure in Brazil were published

A couple of months ago, we informed about the entry into force of the new ANATEL Resolution 715 (link to our Insight), which updated conformity assessment and approval processes for telecommunication products in Brazil. Recently, the authority published eight missing operational procedures which clarify some details of the process.


New list of products subject to ANATEL

Public consultation on the list of products subject to the new radio type approval procedure has been announced

The Brazilian telecommunication authority ANATEL has announced a public consultation upon the list of products subject to the new radio type approval procedure. Already in October 2019, ANATEL published the Resolution 715 which updated conformity assessment and approval processes for telecommunication products.


INMETRO and ANATEL also react to COVID-19

Special measures for re-certification were announced by INMETRO. Also ANATEL announced measures to ease the renewal process for radio equipment

At the beginning of March 2020, the Brazilian regulator for product safety INMETRO published the Ordinance 79 whose aim is to facilitate the re-certification process of products disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


ANATEL Resolution 715

Update of Conformity Assessment and Approval Processes for Telecommunications Products in Brasil

On the 25th of October 2019 ANATEL (Brazilian National Telecommunication Agency) published an information about the ANATEL Resolution 715, which updates conformity assessment and approval processes for telecommunication products. The new regulation will replace the Resolutions 242/2000 and 323/2002 six months after its publication.


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