Product Compliance Services & Solutions

We offer tailor-made services and solutions in the context of global product compliance. Based on a comprehensive understanding of the law, the EFS team of experts deals with questions of regulatory compliance, import restrictions, product certifications and many more at a both strategic and operational level.

We guide our customers in overcoming global challenges and ensure the marketability of the products in the target markets in a goal-oriented way. With a focus on the automotive sector and with a great deal of commitment and experience, we provide our customers with services and solutions for the identification and monitoring of laws, interpretation of laws, market fit check, process implementation and troubleshooting.

Identification, systematic documentation and tracking of homologation & NTB requirements as well as development of a customized database / application

Empowerment and mentoring of organisational units to enable them to deal with the requirements

Design and set-up of an end-to-end-process from the definition of market requirements, product white-spot analysis, conformity checks, etc. up to compliant market supply

Assessment and safeguarding of homologation & NTB compliance of existing/new products and production within selected target markets (export and industrialisation)

Development and implementation of solutions for managing and monitoring certification documents

Analysis of core processes relevant for compliance, derivation of the robustness index  and recommendation of corrective measures

Installation and deployment of a Task Force ensuring homologation & NTB compliance in the event of unexpected changes concerning products, laws, logistics, etc.

Set-up and operation of a service centre responsible for taking action with respect to ensuring compliance with homologation & NTB requirements

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