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Jörg Galatz


Jörg Galatz EFS Consulting

Language Skills

  • German
  • English
Jörg Galatz EFS Consulting


  • with EFS Consulting since 2004
  • since 2023 Partner, Focus: Product Compliance and Homologation
  • certified Product Compliance Officer

Where to meet me away from work::

  • In Upper Austria on the mountain or at a lake with my family.

What moves me:

  • My children

“Creating added value for customers through individual solutions in the area of product compliance & homologation moves me and my team.”


Security, Compliance & Legal Data Science
Security, Compliance & Legal Data Science


What is product compliance and why is it a challenge for manufacturers?
New vehicle emissions regulation in Peru
Amendment of Safety Regulation
Updates to the Technical Regulation for Machinery
Taiwan’s new Amendment to Commodity Labeling Act
Vehicle Type-Approval amendments in the UK
Increasing the total weight of trucks to 44 tons?
Extension of substances listed in the REACH Regulation
BSMI adaptation of electrical safety specifications
Delegated Regulation regarding chemical substances
Germanys way to autonomous driving
The California Highway Patrol proposes to amend regulations
The Commission of the EU recently published an updated “Blue Guide”
New EU Battery Regulation is getting closer
The NHSTA proposes to amend FMVSS 141
The NHTSA proposes to amend its regulations regarding Event Data Recorders
Three new UN regulations published in the EU Journal
Updates to radio type approval in Mexico again
Expansion on Energy Guide labeling requirements
EU proposes to ban products manufactured using forced labor
EU Dual-Use Regulation – Update of Annexes
EU Commission announces Euro 7 emissions standard
EU ban on combustion-engine cars starting in 2035
Long trucks admissible on all roads?
California to allow only zero-emission new cars from 2035
Colombia sets out to harmonize safety regulations for motorcycles
Korea harmonizes autonomous driving standards
More time to apply UKCA marking
New cybersecurity standards for RED Directive
New Average Fuel Economy Standards for USA finalized
New draft vehicles standards in China
New drafts of EU Regulations on automated driving
New EU ecodesign requirements for household products
New Mexican standard NOM for commercial information
EU conducts public consultation on revision of REACH
Legal Challenges for European OEMs for the trade in vehicle parts worldwide
Review of EU emission standards for heavy-duty vehicles
The European Commission to revise Council Directive 96/53/EC
Regulatory foundation laid for autonomous driving
Germany plans new obligations in the supply chain
Public consultation on the New Legislative Framework
New legal framework in prospect due to the Data Act
New draft EU Machinery Regulation published
Switzerland toughens energy efficiency requirements
Regulation changes regarding emissions type-approval
New Emissions Trading System (ETS) for road transport
New standards for the Low Voltage Directive
Draft Ministerial Regulation on Vehicles in Thailand
The UN proposes amendments to UN Regulation No. 157
Four new substances added to the Candidate List
Public consultation on EAC technical regulations
Draft Ministerial Regulation on technical regulations in Vietnam
Ukraine further harmonizes EU directives
New EU draft Regulation regarding Microplastic published
The NHTSA published an updated draft guide
New draft for EU product liability directive
New Chinese National Standard for tyres
EU Commission announces new EU cyber security requirements
Upcoming developments of the automotive regulatory landscape in the EU and at the UN ECE Part 2