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CCC certification for brake linings

Brake linings will become subject to the Chinese CCC certification

Rumours that have been circulating on the market have finally come true: the scope of the CCC certification in China will be expanded to cover one more automotive product: brake linings. Very recently, Chinese authorities have published a draft of Implementation Rule for Compulsory Certification of Brake Linings for Automobiles describing the details.

The Implementation Rule stipulates the scope, certification model, major process of certification, general requirements for certification, use of compulsory product certification mark, etc. of brake linings for automobiles. The standard relevant for the certification will the GB 5763 “Automotive Brake Linings” (the most recent version).

Interestingly, contrary to most automotive parts which since October 2019 (when the CNCA Announcement 44 was published) are subject to the CCC Self-Declaration, brake linings will have to undergo the regular CCC certification process. Moreover, additionally to the product certification, the quality management system in the factory will also have to be ensured (e.g. via IATF 16949).

Comments to the draft can be submitted until 1 June 2020 and the proposed date of entry into force is 1 June 2021.

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