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CE mark after Brexit not accepted anymore?

The future of the CE marking in Great Britain

On 31st of January 2020, Great Britain officially left the EU after almost three years of legal uncertainty. The transition period is expected to last until the 31st of December 2020. However, after that period the future of the CE mark is still unsure.

If no agreement on further recognition of the CE mark is reached by the European Union and Great Britain, the UK will probably stop accepting the EU conformity symbol. Instead, it will require products placed on the British market to bear the UK Conformity Assessed mark (UKCA mark). This would mean additional complications for European manufacturers (at least the necessity to mark their products with two labels instead of one, in the worst case additional testing according to British standards). Such a scenario would be a travel back in time to when each European country had its own conformity label.

It is necessary to follow the negotiations between the EU and the UK and the notifications of the British Government to understand better its plans and intentions regarding the EU conformity assessment system. Hopefully, its position in this respect will be clearer and taken more quickly comparing to Brexit itself.

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