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New INMETRO Regulatory Model

A public consultation about a new INMETRO Regulatory Model is currently taking place in Brazil

Brazil’s National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (INMETRO) published a new proposal to update its Regulatory Model.  Opinions about it can be submitted in the Public Consultation No. 8.

The new model is focused on the general purpose and scope of INMETRO, with the aim of establishing more flexible rules and simplifying the registration processes for manufacturers. INMETRO wants to promote more dynamic regulations, following recent market developments, such as the digital transformation and technological innovations promoted by Industry 4.0.

Some of the proposed changes include, e.g.: to change prescriptive regulations to regulations based on risk categories or product categories and to seek for regulatory convergence and international harmonization.

The latter may turn out to be quite important in the automotive context.  The Public Consultation contains an important sentence “The regulatory process of INMETRO must: […] promote engagement and active participation in forums of good regulatory practices (for example: OECD, UNECE, OIML, UNCTAD)”.  Hopefully for European OEMs, it will mean a greater readiness of Brazil to recognize the UNECE regulations for vehicles, their systems and parts…

The Public Consultation can be accessed HERE.

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