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New requirements on the repairability index

France announced a new draft Decree relating to the repairability index of electrical and electronic equipment.

Recently, the French government published a draft Decree relating to the repairability index of electrical and electronic equipment (Décret relatif à l’indice de réparabilité des équipements électriques et électroniques).  The decree defines the terms of application of article L 541-9-2 of the Environment code which provides for the implementation of a repairability index for certain categories of electrical and electronic equipment.

It specifies in particular the criteria and the method of calculation used to establish this index. Producers and importers of the equipment concerned shall communicate the repairability index and its calculation parameters free of charge to distributors and to any person who requests it. Distributors, including those of distance selling, inform the consumer free of charge, at the time of the act of purchase, by marking, labeling, posting or by any other appropriate process about the repairability index of the equipment concerned.

The repairability index consists of a score out of 10. This score is obtained by dividing an overall score of 100 points by 10 according to five criteria, each scored out of 20 and of equal weight, making it possible to assess the repairability of the products concerned. These criteria are as follows:

The Decree will cover all electrical and electronic equipment intended for consumers.  The planned date of entry into force is 1 January 2021, however, transition periods should be granted.

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