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New Saudi Arabia average fuel economy standard

Saudi Arabia published a draft SASO 2864: Saudi Arabia corporate average fuel economy standard (SAUDI CAFE) for incoming light duty vehicles (2024 – 2028).

The regulation defines the Saudi Arabia corporate average fuel economy standard (SAUDI CAFE) for all light duty vehicles (new vehicles and used import vehicles) incoming to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This standard covers the period extending from January 1, 2024 until December 31, 2028.

The aim of this standard is to incentivize the automotive manufacturers to introduce the latest energy efficiency technologies to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and reduce the supply of vehicles equipped with inferior technologies to the market.

For new incoming vehicles, automotive manufacturers will be allowed to average the fuel economy over their whole incoming fleet rather than having to meet the targets for each vehicle individually.

The approved Saudi Technical Regulation will replace and supersede the Saudi Technical Regulation No. SASO 2864:2019.

Do not hesitate to contact our EFS Product Compliance Team to find out more about the new requirements and changes compared to the previous Saudi fuel economy standards.


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