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Cyber security of consumer IoT devices in UK

Great Britain published recently the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill containing cybersecurity requirements for IoT devices.

The Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill creates a new regulatory scheme to ensure that consumer connectable products are more secure against cyber attacks.

Part 1 of this bill mandates that minimum cyber security requirements must be adhered to in relation to consumer connectable products sold in the UK. This bill provides a robust regulatory framework that can adapt and remain effective in the face of rapid technological advancement, the evolving techniques employed by malicious actors, and the broader international regulatory landscape.

The UK first notified a public consultation for this measure on 24 August 2020 as “Proposal for Cyber Security of Consumer IoT Devices” (we wrote about it in our Insight).

In scope of the Bill are basically ‘internet-connectable’ or ‘network-connectable’ consumer products (relating to the HS Code List of Chapter 84 and 85), e.g. smartphones, connected cameras, TVs and speakers, connected children’s toys and baby monitors, wearable connected fitness trackers,  connected home automation and alarm systems etc.

If you would like to find out more about upcoming changes, please do not hesitate to contact our EFS Product Compliance Team.


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