Finding the right balance between product diversity and production flexibility is one of the biggest challenges facing OEMs and suppliers.

Sophisticated product platforms provide the foundation to help improve the bottom line – in terms of both revenue and cost.

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In order to expand market share and maintain its price point, the product must remain attractive throughout its lifecycle and the portfolio must be continuously adapted to market requirements. At the same time, limited resources require the product variety desired by the market to be presented as ideally as possible in terms of investment and costs. A platform management system tailored to the specific goals of the company brings into line the opposing requirements – market vs. resources – in the best possible way.

In addition to platform management, EFS Consulting contributes decades of experience in modularization knowledge as well as process and organizational understanding in all phases of product development and the product lifecycle.

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Our approach to modularization

Our approach to modularization allows us to increase product and configuration diversity while reducing resource requirements, tooling costs, and material costs.

With the help of an ingenious configuration variance, we offer our customers a highly individualized product that has a positive effect on quantity and result on the one hand, and often significantly reduces costs on the other. In addition, the modular approach makes independent technical solutions possible – and applicable in numerous industries.

Having years of experience in this field allows us to constantly enhance our own methods, which is something our customers benefit from.

Our expertise is the overall product-creation process.
We do not see platform management as a selective intervention but accompany our customers from the early phase of product definition through product development to platform lifecycle management. We contribute our expertise to product planning, marketing, mechanical engineering, electronics, IT, and business administration.

We feel at home on every level of the product development process – whether strategy, organization, process, methods or tools. This enables us to develop a comprehensive product strategy for the future.

‘It’s not our business’ is not our business.

We ensure strategic vision.
We forge links from upper management to operational level. We also include suppliers in the modular strategy in order to consider everyone involved right from the start. In this way, we ensure that processes are individually tailored to the customer and designed effectively. By taking this holistic approach, we are just as successful with OEMs and suppliers as we are with newly established start-ups.

We deliver results.
For more than 20 years, we have been successfully working for the largest OEMs and suppliers in the world. We are experts in the development of modular product and production platforms, and their consistent alignment to market requirements.

Our experience:

For our customers, we realized savings potentials of several hundred million euros through an optimized product variance when awarding contracts to suppliers.

We distinguish ourselves through interdisciplinary work.
Our “Collaboration Excellence” clearly distinguishes us from other consultants. Over more than 20 years, EFS Consulting has built up extensive expertise in interdisciplinary projects. Our customers appreciate this – in 2018, we were awarded the “Certificate Excellence of Platform Management”.

In the area of “Modular Product and Production”, EFS Consulting operates a platform management system that is unique and versatile in this field. Highly standardized, it makes the development of a wide variety of platforms possible. Some are completely new, some are derived from an existing system or become an evolving platform – which is currently a main issue, especially in the field of electrification.

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