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Whitepaper | Open-Source-Software-Compliance

How organizations can exploit the potential of open source software in a compliant manner.

The use of open source software (OSS) shows great potential and is state-of-the-art in software development. In the automotive industry, OSS is a fundamental part of modern vehicle development. This is demonstrated, for example, by advantages in the form of cost efficiency, reduced development time, innovation, improvement, flexibility, and adaptability towards needs and requirements.

However, the use of open source software also presents a set of challenges:

  • The complexity in adhering to individual rights and obligations of OSS software licenses
  • The traceability of OSS components along the entire supply chain
  • the increased risk of security vulnerabilities due to the availability and openness of the source code

By establishing processes within the organization, trainings of employees, and checking the used OSS, the compliant use of OSS can be ensured, and its potential can be fully released.

For understanding and addressing the challenges of OSS compliance, a study was conducted with organizations within the German automotive industry.

Based on the research, recommendations for action were identified. If the latter are considered and implemented, risks of the incompliant use of OSS can be mitigated. Simultaneously, the potential of open source software for state-of-the-art and modern software development can be exploited.


Full version of the study

The results of the EFS Consulting analysis on open source software compliance, including detailed information on data sources and methodological approach, are available free of charge in the full version on request.

If you are interested in the “Open-Source-Software-Compliance” whitepaper, please send an e-mail to pr@efs.at


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